Overcoming Depression Symptoms

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One-on-one Coaching with Dinndayal

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Human movement, while rooted in a mechanical system of bones, muscles and nerves is really a matter of mood, purpose and understanding.  By transforming the way one moves, it is possible to effect changes in all realms of one’s life including overcoming depression symptoms. We want to open ourselves to the possibility of change, to encourage positive change and to empower ourselves with tools that will support change.  Through specifically designed movement practices, students will first recognize their own patterns of emotional, perceptual and behavioral stress response and then, learn to change these patterns to overcome depression symptoms and create a more harmonious balance in their life.

In This One-on-One Coaching Program you will:

*Learn about the relationship of your body type and depression symptoms

Explore the animal and elemental natures.  Discover your own personal animal and element, your habitual patterns, as well as those that attract you and those that challenge you.  Learn how to come from a place of conscious choice.


*Gain increased intuitive awareness

Learn specific animal, movement and breathing practices for accessing your intuitive nature to help you with clarity in your decision-making processes. Learn to use these tools to attract what you want.


*Change your life by changing emotional triggers

Explore your emotional triggers and how they get in the way of your intention. Transform them into positive responses. Each body types responds differently to life situations.  Discover the movements that will best benefit your body type. Become more focused and centered as you move to your greatness.

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