9 Healing Practices for Clarity, Direction, Motivation – DVD

A Design for Total Health, Productivity and Fulfillment!

May I take a few moments to tell you my story?

For most of my younger life, I was unhealthy, always sick.  I was unhappy, fearful, and angry and suffered from depression symptoms.  I didn’t like myself or my life.  I wanted out. I felt totally stuck.  In fact, the truth is that I wanted out so badly that I almost died…. almost.  There was a small part of me that didn’t want to die. That was the part of me that just knew there had to be a way out of my present life… a path to total health of body, mind and spirit so I could lead a happy, productive and fulfilling life.

I was in that desperate, “I’ll try anything” mode when I found my teacher and began to learn the tools and practices that I am going to share with you.   What I learned was that I had to find the connection to my heart in order to find true happiness in life.  I have learned that “You gotta have heart”.  During the past 42 years of learning and teaching, I have discovered many tools and practices for moving through life’s challenger in order to connect with and heal my heart.  I healed my own life through the techniques on this DVD and I have shared these practices with 1000’s of students.  And now I share them with you.

One of the practices you will experience on the DVD is
5 Rings Wisdom Heart Practice

5 Rings Wisdom Heart is a practice to help you understand your body type and how to move through difficulties and challenges in your daily life.  Some people find it very difficult to get motivated. The ring of fire practice that you will learn on this DVD will help you get motivated.  Some people experience symptoms of anxiety. The ring of ground practice on this DVD will help you relax.  Some people find it difficult to focus.  You will find the 5 Rings Wisdom Heart practice on this DVD helpful in getting more focused and centered.  5 Rings Wisdom Heart practices will also give you tools to feel more comfortable in different types of relationships and situations in life.


This  DVD holds 9 of the most powerful practices I have ever experienced for overcoming depression symptoms, healing and moving forward in your life.  But don’t just take my word for it…. 

Here’s what people are saying about 9 Healing Practices for Total Health!


“… artfully crafted to help the individual gain practical and useful insight into the qualities of the universal elements — fire, earth, water, wind and space.”  He skillfully leads us through a practice of breath and movement to help us gain insight into the impact these elements have in our lives and our interactions with others.  … a powerful eye-opener!” Jana Long, Power of One Yoga Center


“I attended the 2007 Omega’s workshop A Yoga Gathering… Master Dinndayal presented body energy movements ….which he shares from deep inside his Soul.…Master Dinndayal can encourage, inspire “in-Spirit” those on the path as a mystic or just a plain fool!   His book “Lone Wolf” will provide additional insights to life through his myriad of experiences which are humbling and truthful. …He is a Blessing in my life…
Thank You! OM Shanti”

Michele  “Mickey” Spencer, 45, US Army Medical Officer–Operation Iraqi Veteran, MAJOR, Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, RYT   Creator of Baghdad Yoga

On this DVD you will also learn the

7 Steps of Samurai Decisiveness

Indecisiveness and lack of clarity are often the cause of getting stuck in your life.  These are often the result of fear of moving forward or fear of change.  The 7 Steps of Samurai Decisiveness practice take you through practices that help you gain clarity about doing what must be done.  The practice then trains you to maintain your center and purpose while going through the storms of life.


“I believe with all my heart that Dinndayal has saved me from a destructive path that would have lead to my demise.  Dinndayal has transformed me into a beautiful butterfly that spreads her wings and flies with confidence, compassion and love!”   Natalia Ippolito, Author, Publicist, Divineisland  Entertainment


Here’s what you can expect from the DVD

The practices on this DVD will help you to:

*Heal symptoms of  fear, anger and insomnia

*Communicate more authentically from the heart

*Gain increased motivation and focus 

*Neutralize pain in your body and your life

*Make decisions with clarity and power

*Bring more heart and presence into your life

*Relieve tension in your lower back and hips

*Align and center your central nervous system

*Become more calm and serene

*Create more balance between your inner and outer world

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9 Healing Practices From the Heart

A Design for Total Health, Fulfillment and Productivity

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What if you got to the end of your life and you found out that there really was a solution to your unhappiness; that there were tools you could have used to heal your body/mind and heart; move through life’s challenges and you just didn’t know about them?

How would your life be different today and forever if you discovered the 9 Healing Practices for Total Health?  Can’t imagine?Imagine that you could overcome your fear and anxiety, your anger, the hurts in your body and mind?

Imagine that you could experience improved health, have better relationships and even discover and live from your authentic self?

If I could show you these techniques and guarantee that they would work for you, would you act today?

Right now? What are you waiting for?

$24.95 + $4.95 Shipping & Handling

9 Healing Practices From the Heart

A Design for Total Health, Fulfillment and Productivity

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